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9. November 2012 by: Moonless

John Cena defeated The Big Show (WWE United States Title)
Booker/RVD beat Dudleyz and Jindrak/Cade and La Resistance
Christian defeated Chris Jericho with help from Trish Status
Randy Orton/Batista/Ric Flair defeated Mick Foley & The Rock
Torrie & Sable defeated Stacy & Miss Jackie (Playboy Match)
Chavo Guerrero Jr. retained his title in a Cruiserweight Open
Bill Goldberg defeated Brock Lesnar (Steve Austin as referee)
Vince McMahon thanked the fans on behalf of all WWE Superstars
Rikishi/Scotty beat The APA and Benjamin/Haas and The Bashams
Appearance by Jesse “The Body” Ventura to interview Donald Trump
Victoria defeated Molly Holly (Hair vs. WWE Women’s Title Match)
Eddie Guerrero defeated Kurt Angle (WWE Heavyweight Title)
The Undertaker defeated Kane (Brother vs. Brother Match)
Chris Benoit beat Triple H and Shawn Michaels (World Heavyweight Title)

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